The general concept is “transparency and safety”. The generous glass surfaces provide a friendly and luminous interior. The elasticity of the whole is also completed by the window system, which are glued. For this, especially ordered windows were used.


The daring wind screen, of 3.4 m2, contributes a personal touch on the (internal and external) design of the bus.

In order to complete the external coverage, an innovating and very esthetically “clean” solution: the ENTIRE front part and the ENTIRE back represent singular PAFS pieces, which have as a result extremely accurate assemblies. The same technological solution was used for the interior as well (coverage of the front, back and board made of generous pieces, which provide the fluid “IGERO Style” line).


The windows, the iron, the glass fiber pieces and the floor were glued on the bus. The gluing solution is widely used in this industry. We chose this method because of the obvious advantages it offers.


The IGERO interior was carefully studied in order to reach a product improving the usual standard of comfort. Thus, the sloping floor allows that the chairs be arranged as an amphitheatre for maximum visibility from the inside and for easy access of travelers through the front area. Being a bus meant for between-city transportation, the existence of internal luggage racks was compulsory. The interesting aspect, the “aired” placement and the special finishes bring this bus to the civilized area of transportation. The chairs used have individual safety belts which can be tied in 2 and in 3 points according to the laws in force. The board is ergonomic and the driver's comfort can be compared with the one in the car.


The bus is equipped with a Clarion professional sound system, each chair having above a loudspeaker and a small command board for individual light and air, an equipment which can usually be found on tourism cars.


The air conditioning is necessary and compulsory since the glued windows do not allow any air in. Heating is made through convectors set at the basis and on the side of the chair row. The driver has separate heating and an independent air system.


Even if IGERO is an interurban bus, it respects its travelers – the vehicle is equipped so that the travel takes place in the best comfort conditions.
IGERO is the result of initial hard work and, afterwards, of team effort.
The producer would like to thank those who believed in this project and sponsored or collaborated to its making.

Technical specifications - click here for PDF document